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┬áDear FlyLady –

I hate to confess that as a single person with no children I flutter at best, but that’s the truth of it.

Part of this fluttering business has been resistance to getting the calendar. “I’m doing fine using the calendar on my cell phone, thank you very much! It can even be my wallpaper, so anytime I see a blue line under a date, I know I have something going on, so I don’t need to spend the money,” I justified to myself.

Well, one of the calendar testimonials (I can’t remember which) finally convinced me I needed a calendar. So I invested the money, got my stickers out, and copied down all the events from my phone to my calendar. I also decided to write all my phone numbers down, too, just in case.

Three weeks ago, I dropped my phone in the toilet. As it kerplunked to the bottom of the bowl, my heart sinking with it, I realized I didn’t have to panic, as I had most of my appointments on the calendar (I hadn’t synchronized them yet from that week, but it was just a couple of things that I actually remembered!), as well as my phone numbers written down.

I bought a new phone that day, but when I went to make my calendar my wallpaper so I’d have a multiple daily reminders to check my calendar (whenever I open my phone, I see those blue lines, which always made me remember to check what was going on and what was coming up – somehow checking my calendar twice daily just isn’t enough for my distracted brain), that feature had been removed.

After standing up a friend because I didn’t have my multiple daily reminders, I marched back to the phone store, only to discover no phones carry that feature anymore – leading me to believe, naturally, that I was the only person globally to appreciate the “calendar as wallpaper” feature. Frustrated but determined to find a solution, I went back home and stared at my phone in annoyance. I NEED that feature! I know I only have to push one button to see my calendar, but it’s REMEMBERING to push the button that’s my problem!

Then “A-HA!!!” (My favorite thing about being a SHE is having those marvelous A-HAs! Most BOs I know don’t have them.) I ran upstairs to my bathroom where I keep my calendar, snapped a picture of it with my phone camera and made THAT my wallpaper! The dates are big enough to see, and though I can’t read the words, I know by the stickers that there is something going on so I’d better check my phone calendar to find out.

Whenever I update my calendar, I snap a new shot, replace my wallpaper and I’m good to go. Phew! Another creative solution using a fantastic FlyLady product!!

Affectionately and with much relief,


FlyLady here: I love this idea of snapping a photo of my calendar with my cell phone!

So…do you have your new calendar yet? Order yours today and be able to FLY right out the door in the morning.


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