Routines Are My Salvation

Dear FlyLady,


This past week, I’ve been browsing through the multitude of catalogs that come in the mail looking for items that cam help me take care of my grandmother. What I have found are many similar items to those in the FlyShop with BIG price tags. The Dryer Lint Kit is sold individually for more than twice the price, and I’m finding rubber brooms (that aren’t as nice as the Rubba Sweepa) also for more than twice the price. I love all my tools, Rubba Trio, Fly duster, detail mitt, and others. Now all I need is a preschool organizer….

Routines have been my salvation as I cope with my grandma’s increased medical and physical needs. I was able to turn her morning, meal time, evening, and toileting routines into a spreadsheet check list so that her daily care workers and weekend respite workers are not missing one of the many vital steps in her care.

Thank you for teaching routines and for bringing us such wonderful tools at affordable prices.

Chelly, fluttering in WI


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