You Gave Me My Heart Back

Dear FlyLady,

I am only a 10 day old flutterling. I realize it is early in the process...Last night I came home after work and prepared dinner. The night before I did not sleep at all (don’t know why!) so yesterday after working all day I came home exhausted and with a mean headache. After dinner I thought no one will blame me if I skip the dishes and go straight to bed. I can do them in the morning. Before I turned off the light my eye caught a glimpse of my sink. Immediately I was like “I cannot leave my sink looking like that! It has to shine. Let me at least rinse and put the dishes in the dishwasher” so I started rinsing and thought If I am going to rinse them I might as well put water in and wash them and get it over. So I DID. 10 days ago I would have just left it dirty.

Then I went to the bathroom and swished and swipe the bathroom – including the tub which had a bad stain and I removed it the same way we do the sink!  I think seeing my shiny ‘sinks” literally gives me a natural high!

I have been incorporating making my bed and the swishing and swiping from day 2 since I realized what effect the shiny sink in the kitchen had on me, and I absolutely had to have shiny sinks in more rooms than the kitchen.

I thought my heart was somewhere beneath all the clutter and dirt in my home, that is why I could not care anymore to try and clean up, It literally was as if I did not deserve to have anything nice in my life anymore. BUT the FlyLady website and all the encouraging emails has given me my heart back! And with it, I found HOPE and FAITH that I will have nice home again. So today from the bottom of my heart I want to sincerely thank you !!! you are truly a GOD SENT in my life. Very soon my CHAOS will be replaced by a big welcome sign to visitors!

Flybaby love!

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