Start Off Fresh

Dear FlyLady,

Back up to January when we purchased our first home after 2 decades of marriage and apartment dwelling.The first thing hubby had to do (he self-assigned that to the honey-do list) was set up a cork board in the office to have a place to hang my FlyLady calendar.  It was a couple of busy months where I had the calendar riding around in my ‘giant bag of stuff’ more often than it was hanging on the wall where he could actually access it.

2014-2015 is looking a little more beat up than its prior years’ counterparts, so I am looking forward to the new calendar to start off fresh in August (no perfection issues here – I’m happy to have it hanging in a place of honor in the office, ratty and all lol, and have taken to pencil as the default instrument – hubby even gets to write on it ;).

Thanks for the huge blocks – no other calendar would do.

FlyNurse in Indiana

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