My Intuition

Hi flylady,

Yes! I had one when pulling out of my driveway as a young adult. We lived right off a two lane highway that served as a truck route, with semis and cars going well over 60 mph (the official speed limit was 55). I saw a car approaching from the left and could have turned left before it arrived, but I had the feeling that I should wait. So I did. Anyway, as the car drove past,I saw another car passing it. I would have pulled out head on with the passing car! I believe God spoke to me and it was up to me to listen.

That has also happened twice at red lights, with someone running the red light when mine was green. I hesitated both times, not realizing a car was about to run the light. I learned to always listen when I had a feeling something was “off.” (I also learned to always look both ways before going at a green light.)

Fluttering in GA

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