Jumping In with Both Feet

Dear FlyLady,

Thanks so much for a wonderful service.   I have come back, several times.  This time, I am jumping in with both feet, so to speak!   I signed up for your emails and have been very good at reading them.   Except when the internet went out.   Long story short.  It was bad equipment.  LOL!   The dogs had decided to chew threw the wires.  But, They gave me new equipment anyway.

Plan is to get all your cleaning products, but, one at a time. The first thing I did was buy your calendar.  I had another calendar from some place else. Well, I went to write something on it and the spaces WERE TOO Small! Thanks. So, I threw the calendar away and ordered yours.  It came yesterday.  I sat down and wrote everything that I could into it and then hung it up.

Question – How and with what do you clean the bottom of the toilet bowl.  Thanks again for all your help!


Mary, starting to fly again in Texas!

LaborDaySale2Dear Mary,

The tool we use to clean the bottom of the toilet is our Rubba Swisha! We use an old vase to store it in along with a 50/50 solution of old shampoos and water. This way we are always ready to swish and swipe our bathrooms.

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