This Week is for My Payroll FlyBabies

Dear Friends,

We had a request this morning to send out some testimonials for women who work outside the home. I know you are out there! I talk to you on Facebook Live, I have met you in person, and we get an occasional testimonial from you. Many people think that FlyLady is just for Stay at Home Moms. That is not the case. Half of our members work outside of their homes.

Please take a few minutes to send your testimonial to me so we can share with others. with PAYROLL FLYBABY in the subject line.

We have a section on our website for this. Check it out!

I will be sending out essays with my Payroll FlyBabies in mind. If you have specific questions then send them to me at the same address. I will be watching for your Questions and Testimonials.
Office in a Bag
I have been asked what tool I would recommend for a Payroll FlyBaby. That would be the Office in a Bag. This is a tool that I developed when I was working outside the home with a young child. It keeps everything you need to get your bills paid, menus planned, and paperwork done.

You can get it with a Control Journal or without a Control Journal. The choice is yours.


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