Stress Free Party Preparations

Dear FlyLady,

I have been following your system for two weeks now after years of living in CHAOS. I used to write a big list of chores first thing in the morning, usually at least twelve jobs to do. At bedtime I would feel awful because I had only managed to do a few of the jobs. I would then plan to clean the entire house in one day and when I would do that, within a fortnight it was back to utter CHAOS. My CHAOS involved disconnecting the doorbell and hiding when someone would knock, but my children would holler that someone was at the door so I’d have to open the door in my dressing gown, which I found embarrassing. I also dreaded a neighbour coming to the door as they would see my front hallway all cluttered (not to mention my chicken hair!).

I began your program by decluttering and following your babysteps. After one week I had a visitor drop in. By this time my living room, front hallway and kitchen were free of clutter. My visitor had to use the bathroom and it was the first time in forever I did not think “oh no, the toilet!” because I now swish and swipe every morning.

Today we held my son’s birthday party. Usually events at our home are rare because of CHAOS but when we would have company over I would feel sick with anxiety about the cleaning and the state of the house. Well a few days ago I sat down to write a list of chores to be done before the party. Would you believe I sat there unable to think of anything! There was no need to write “clean bathrooms and toilets” as they were done every morning. My hotsopts and other rooms had already been rescued, thanks to short bursts with the timers. My sink is always clean and that has extended to keep the surrounding counters and stove top clean. There was nothing to do apart from another vacuum and dust (thanks to our cats)! I was able to prepare for the party at a stress-free pace. Imagine how happy I was to find that the cleaning up work was just as minimal!

I wanted to write and say thank you because I have never, ever been able to prepare for an event at my home without a great deal of stress and anxiety. As I type the dishwasher is running, the rooms the kids were in are clean thanks to 2 minute room rescues and my sink is still shiny!

I also have to add that the day before my purple rags arrived I had been scrubbing my oven door with a well known commercial brand of cloth and lots of elbow grease. I gave up on some stains and was convinced they were inside the panels of glass. When my purple rags arrived I wet one and polished the oven door and those streaks disappeared. I have never seen my oven door sparkle. I must admit I was very skeptical about the rags, thinking it’s just a rag and elbow grease will clean anything. I was proven wrong!

Lee, FLYing down under

FlyLady here: I am so proud of you! You have proved to the world that it only takes a few habits to eliminate the CHAOS! It only gets better! Keep Flying!

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