How Do You Clean Faux Wood Blinds?

Dear FlyLady,

How do you clean faux wood blinds?  Embarrassed to tell you this, mine were so filthy it took me 2 days just to clean one. I did a few slats every hour (in 15 min increments)

Obviously I wanted to hire someone but that’s just not in my budget. I’ve learned from you the little bits add up in a hurry and I’ll get through this!  (I have eleven more to do!) by the way, I can’t take them down ( not enough know how).

Anyway … I have your feather duster and will use that on a regular basis after this.  But is there a different tool you would use?  And is weekly enough? Monthly?

Love you and everything you’ve done for me!

Flying in Michigan

Dear FlyBaby L,

Let’s first discuss why your blinds were so hard to clean. Years of dust combined with high humidity creates layers of sediment on those blinds. The secret to keeping them from accumulating those layers of sealed in grime is to stop procrastinating and to set up a routine for keeping them clean.

I am very proud of you for pacing yourself to get them clean. Now it is time to set up a routine so this never becomes this big of a job.

If you have lots of blinds, then they are in a different zone each week. It only takes a few minutes to dust them. Pick one day each week to clean them. For you I think Wednesday would be a great day because it is Anti-Procrastination Day. We have the tools to help you.

multiwand2This is our Multi-Wand. It bends to get into places. It also attaches to our mop handle to reach a high place. You can use it wet or dry. I suggest using it dry for light dust. It will grab it.

If you are cleaning up after years of accumulation then I would use one of our microfiber cloths. They do a great job. Don’t use the purple ones unless the dye is out of it.

multiwandcurveThe best part is that the cover on our Multi-Wand washes!

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The Multi-Wand is part of our Complete Cleaning Package.


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