It’s Time to Get Some Real Shoes

Dear FlyLady,

OK, today I added sturdy shoes to my routine. I wear shoes but not lace up or all that sturdy. Yes they kick off easy enough but I put them back on when I get up from where I’m sitting. Last week I bought my grandson his new shoes for school and since they had a 1/2 off a second pair I thought ok time to get some ‘real’ shoes. So I did.

They are not lace up but they are hard to get off, I can’t just flick my foot to get out of them. Anyway they felt comfy all day but as I am basically done for the day I took them off. My insteps are definitely not used to support in spite of the padded comfort. Any idea how long it will take to get my achy feet to adjust?  I’m going to continue wearing them as I actually felt more secure walking in them. I have balance issues so that’s a major plus.

Yesterday my new mesh hampers arrived so laundry is looking up. I know how full they can get before I have a load to wash.

I am loving my XL mop. I have 4 pets, 2 dogs and 2 cats so the fur builds up daily. This mop is a life saver. As I said I have balance issues and this tool gives me a feeling of security. I can do my entire house in less than the 15 minutes I set my timer to and I can just shake the dust out to bless the world and just wash it at the end of the week.

My calendar keeps me organized and I have it next to where my dog walker picks up her money so I can log money I’ve spent easily. I haven’t gotten your feather duster though as my cats will pluck it bald in no time. I do have a smaller feather duster and that I have to keep locked up. One cat is way to clever and he can open doors and steal what he wants. He’s not good with keys though.

Anyway thanks for the daily motivational chats even if I don’t do what you suggest that day it makes an impression and I attempt what you suggested soon after.

BabySteping in CT

FlyLady here: I am so proud of Rannei for getting herself a great pair of shoes. Shoes are a powerful tool to keep us FLYing. As for your arches; I like to gently bend my toes back and hold for a count of ten each morning and each evening. This helps to GENTLY stretch the plantar fascia. This is the best stretch I have ever used. You can use a timer to get your feet used to its new support! Wear them for 2 hours one day then 3 hours the next day.

Our XL Mop is a great tool to get things done! It is half price! Get yours today!

Be sure and add your calendar!

Do you have an XL Mop Testimonial? Please send it to me: with WHAT A MOP in the subject line!

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