I Was Doing It Wrong

Dear FlyLady,

I was reading the email from Liane and your reply and I have to tell you that although I have been following your programme on and off for about 10 years, I was doing it wrong.

My control journal had different rooms to be done every day + the zone cleaning + day’s mission and I was always exhausted and didn’t have the enthusiasm or energy to do the projects that I wanted to do.  So over the years I have been on the wagon with my control journal then off the wagon to work on projects.

I was wondering if some of the ladies who sound confused are like me and misunderstood your methods. It is only very recently after resubscribing to your emails that I had my eureka moment, I was not doing my evening routine because I felt too tired by the end of the day.

So I started doing that and shining my sink.  Then I realized that the zone work is what gets my home clean.  So doing that and your mission for the day has left me with a clean home and so much time left to work on projects.

I am enjoying my home so much more as I am no longer a slave to it.  My husband has noticed and commented.  Plus he has started doing things around the house without me even asking.

I love my purple rags and my silver ones. I love my Rubba Tools  and have just sent an order in for the dryer lint kit and 6 rubba scrubbas to put in our grown children’s Christmas surprise bags (we have 6 children and 12 soon to be 13 grandchildren) everything is such good quality.

Last but not least I adore my feather duster, I don’t know why but our house has always seemed very dusty and that dust was the bane of my life but now I use my feather duster every day, it only takes a few minutes and what a difference it makes.

Thank you for starting this website and giving so much of your time to help others, it is very much appreciated.

FlyBaby M
Winnipeg, Canada

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