Mopping Time is Cut in Half

Dear FlyLady,

We moved in to our new home 8 years ago. I have been searching for 8 years for the perfect mop for my 3000 sq feet of hardwood floors. Yes, that’s a lot of hardwood! Who would’ve thought.

We have an open floor plan, so the XL mop cuts my mopping time in half. I just turn on some music, wet my mop with just water and go. I have a family of 4 and 2 dogs to clean up after and it works perfectly. It has been no more scrubbing for me like I did with another brand and I mean that.

The chenille fibers pick up everything easily. So easily that I caught my DD14 pulling it out of the closet just to “test it out”. (Time to introduce her to the multi-wand)

Thanks FlyLady for your wonderful products and daily inspiration to keep my home sparkling!

Your Flybaby,


FlyLady here: Our XL Mop is a great tool to get things done! It is half price! Get yours today!

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