A Terrible Mess Cleaned Up Easily

Dear FlyLady,

Love your mop! We had a very hard week and I was very tired on Thurs. I treated us to barbecue and took it home. My adult grandson sat it on the table where the top cup of barbecue sauce slid off to the floor. What a mess!

I sopped it up and then grabbed my wonder mop; yours of course! It quickly took care of the sticky. Then oh so easily released the mop cloth and threw it in washer quickly to wash it, put it back on, ready to go again…fast easy…big Wonder mop! I absolutely love it!

Makes a dreaded chore easy.

FlyBaby Judy

MopXLframedFlyLady here: We can allow big messes to ruin our day or we can just laugh, grab a mop, and take care of it! Any time a tool can change our attitude; it is a good tool.

I am so proud of Judy for getting her mop ready to go for the next time she uses it. This helps you to stop procrastinating.

Our XL Mop is half price right now!

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