Why Not Just a 12 Month Calendar?

Dear FlyLady,

Why make an 18 month calendar if you are buying a new one before you use more than 12 months? Why not make a 12 month from September to September? Plus it is soooo hard to throw away those months you are not going to use.

Thanks for everything you do.

FlyBaby B

Dear Friends,

We all need a little GRACE in our lives. Don’t allow the extra months get in the way of using this amazing calendar.

Our calendar goes for 17 months from August to December of the next year. We need a grace period when it comes to getting a new calendar. The holidays is a tough time to remember to buy a calendar. Those grace months are there to help you; not make it hard for you. They cost you nothing to have them. Use them if you have not reordered your calendar.

I actually keep my calendars. They are not clutter to me. I can see where we were and what we did. I can also see weight fluctuations. This helped me to figure out when I became anemic. Many people write their menus on their calendar because there is plenty of room. Others write down their child’s first tooth, step or words. You can also keep funny things your family says in your calendar. It can become your Family History Journal!

Don’t allow your perfectionism to bite you once again. This causes us to procrastinate and then before we know it there is no place to write down you family reunion for next year. Next month we will be practicing our menu planning! Is your calendar big enough to write in your meal plans.

Get your calendar now before you get desperate and resort to writing on the wall! LOL Have you been one of our members who has been trying to do without a FlyLady Calendar because of those Grace Months? Get your calendar now and stop whining about a free gift with purchase. LOL You get 5 extra months for the price of a 12 month calendar. Now that is a deal!

Thank you for all your purchases. They help to keep our messages free for everyone.

Dear Friends,

Being a perfectionist is a terrible way to live! That perfectionism robs us of peace and makes us feel tired! We can never attain the level of perfectionism that we are seeking because it is impossible. What happens when you think you have reached it? You stand back and gloat! Then dare someone to mess it up.  Let’s look at these character flaws that are created when you live with rabid perfectionism.

Impatience – We want everything to be done right now!

Martyr – You complain that no one ever helps you.

Arrogant – The truth is you don’t want help because it won’t be not good enough!

Self-Destructive – We set ourselves up for failure.

Stubborn – I can do this all by myself! I don’t need help!

Self-deprecating- We are best at this! Beating ourselves up!

Perfectionism is a vicious cycle that keeps our family stuck and our home in CHAOS! When you let go of your perfectionism, you open the doors to fun and peace.

Our perfectionism keeps our family out of the so-called “perfect” spaces. You know exactly what I am talking about. When you get the kitchen clean you threaten them if they mess it up. You don’t even want to cook; much less let the children help you. You are too afraid of a mess. This is a shame because you are not teaching your children the things they will need to become adults.

You are also not teaching your children about their family traditions. Exiling your family from the kitchen or other rooms says something not so nice; that you don’t want the family around you.

Your perfectionism bites you in another way! You tell yourself that you don’t have time. What you are really saying is that you don’t think you have time to do the job right! You were taught this by your parents. Remember when they told you if you can’t do it right; don’t do it at all! This is what has caused you to procrastinate your whole life. We live by a new rule.

Whenever you hear yourself say, “I don’t have time!” Stop right there and set your timer for 2 minutes! Those two minutes are going to change the way you think! Doing 2 minutes is better than nothing!

You can do this! Letting go of your perfectionism is going to open up your home to more love and peace! You might even be able to rest without thinking you have to do one more thing.


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