Bought and Cherished

In love with the chenille mop cloth because of your video:

I’ve been living in my mother in laws summer house the past 5 years, because of the loss of my home from hurricane Sandy. Needless to say it’s been stressful when she comes over, planned or unplanned, because I don’t want her to see her own house a mess. Well over a year ago (several?) I watched your videos about the red dust-mop, bought it, and loved the speed on her hardwood floors.

The mop came with the chenille mop cloth, or somehow I had ordered it too along the way, but had no clue what to do with it. I kept it as a backup to the red one, and never needed it. Then I saw your  video…. No two steps? No dusting/sweeping THEN going back for a second round for the mop? I only get minutes sometimes as a warning that she or anyone is coming- this would be a miracle, and it IS!!!! I HAD that mop cloth all this time???!!!!!

It’s is a miracle, as are you, FlyLady. Thank you for once again making my life easier, and teaching me like a mother or best friend would. I consider you my unofficial family member and dear friend at heart.

I will finally be moving into my new home after 5 years here, and with two entire floors of wood to keep clean now, I am no longer worried. I just need to order two sets of everything, because I am lazy!

The rubba sweepa is a classic standard needed always handy for all you’ve ever described. All of your products truly are; I could go on about each, which I own and use daily.  It looks on the surface as if you are just endorsing your products for sales, and I often skip watching, but repeated history shows me this is a huge mistake, because each is beyond helpful and very true. Everything I’ve ever watched, I’ve bought and cherished for efficiency!

You’re a lazy girl’s best friend. I have time for my family without being the outcast of it.

With heartfelt love and thanks,
Cindy from Long Island

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