They are So Efficient

Dear FlyLady,

A couple of weeks ago I finally decided to order the Rubba Swish and Swipe set to see what all the fuss was about. I threw in one of your Rubba scrubba brushes.

 They arrived today and I can’t believe how efficient they are.

I love the rubber toilet brush and the rubba scrubba. I kept looking for more gunk to clean around the house just because the rubba brush makes cleaning so effortless.

But the most impressive is how the rubba scrubba just scoops pet hair off the couch ( and the baseboards and the nooks and crannies and the front loading washing machine tub and …just about everything I tried it on! Oh, one more thing – the rags do a great job dusting too! I’d been procrastinating on dusting my living room coffee table but as I was running around trying out my new cleaning toys I figured what the heck, can’t hurt. It grabbed the dust an pet hair off the glass very easily. So much so that it inspired me to finish the job, so I grabbed the pledge and shined all the wood in the room too!

At any rate, I’ve ordered several sets of everything tonight to outfit all the bathrooms in the house with their own rubber brushes in addition to a set for my lake cottage and as well as my mother.

I also ordered the Sweepa – can’t t wait to see how that will attack the dog and cat hair! ( I have 2 black dogs and 3 black cats so loads & loads of hair here!)

Thanks for your great products and your emails to motivate me every day!

Connie, Flying in Canada

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