My Calendar Has Grown with Us

Dear Flylady,

I’ve been buying your calendar for many years now and it’s come more and more handy as our family has grown. We have six people in our house and I track appointments and important information for my widowed mom who lives a couple of miles away.  

She’s in decent health, but she’s getting older, I’m an only child, and she’s my main source of childcare while I work part-time. I’ve a lot of people to track!  With a teenager in Scouts and band (marching season is upon us,) two girls in dance and AHG, my volunteering with both Scout groups, and my husband on a very, very varying work schedule (IT is an unforgiving job at time!) my calendar is always crowded!

Color-coding our calendar is a life-saver; I buy an eight-pack of colored gel pens and use one for each member of the family, with black to write in family events/birthdays/dinners.  I also make colored dots on certain days to note pay days (I get paid weekly, my husband every other week) trash night, recycling week and when my oldest will be spending a night at his dad’s.  

The notes section is very handy for writing out the legend for the dots (my husband and son lose track of what’s what often) and is great for reminders to myself, i.e. ‘make appointment for DD physical.’ or ‘make appointment for chimney cleaning.’Thanks for such a wonderful tool!

RI Flybaby

calendarseptexampleP.S.  I bought one of the calendars for a BO aunt years ago when my three cousins were still living at home and while they’re all grown now, she still gets one every year.  It always makes me smile when I go to her house and see it on the wall…it’s not gotten any less crowded either, with her and my uncle’s various things they do!  She’s the type of housekeeper and hostess I dream of being so it’s nice being the one have introduced HER to something useful for a change!

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