No More Vacuums for Me

Dear FlyCrew:

DH and I have one very good, very expensive vacuum cleaner and one not so good cordless.  DH thinks the expensive one is fabulous; I get frustrated with it because I have to deal with the cord, and the tank seems to want to take flight on me – ask my painted baseboards how they like that crazy thing!  Then I get frustrated with the cordless vacuum because it just doesn’t have enough power.

So this Monday, Home Blessing Day, I tried the Rubba Sweepa instead.  What a revelation!  It’s QUIET – does anyone really like the sound of a vacuum cleaner?  Plus it goes under furniture that vacuums can’t, and the rubber bristles pull out the dirties and dusties like magnets!  I followed up with the FlyLady Mop (another GREAT product!) on the bathrooms and kitchen floors and for a change didn’t have to pull hair and dust bunnies off mid-swipe – the Rubba Sweepa had taken care of all that!

I am a Sweepa convert – no more vacuums if I can help it!

FlyBaby NE

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