No One Told Me

Dear Fly Lady,

I am sure you get hundreds of emails and testimonies.  I would like to send one more. I am from Nashville and heard of you from one of my friends years ago. She talked of how you kept her organized. We lived in tiny houses with minimal space in a historic section of Nashville. I always thought bigger was the answer. I was focused on my career and worked long hours. It really was all I could do to keep myself and my clothes clean and organized. I are out and event sent my clothes out. I just couldn’t get the hang of this housework thing.

Flylady, nobody told me about processes.  No one told me about methods. No one gave me easy answers to my dilemmas. I have been a fly baby for a few weeks now and the light has gone on! I can clean as I go. I swish and swipe effortlessly. My dishes don’t stack up and the dust mom and duster. Omg. Who knew? I certainly didn’t. Cleaning to me was watching my Mom as a little girl drag out the the vacuum and laboriously clean the floors, vacuum the dog, etc.

When you said, ” you don’t have to clean like your mother!” I said, What? I don’t? So I just wanted to say thank you. I am a sales person who was always on the run. No time for me or my home. I ALWAYS wanted to entertain but obviously never could. Thank you for putting the processes in place simply so that I can grab them and implement them in a second. I look forward to seeing how my life and home will be transformed and so in true Southern style, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for teaching me that it is ok to FLY: FINALLY LOVE MYSELF.  Thank you for all you do Flylady. There are Flybabies out here that are grateful. Thank you for being true to yourself and who God “called” you to be.  I am awaiting that next chapter in my life as well. I appreciate your prayers.  You certainly have mine,


Flybaby Juanita

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