Daily Focus Monday

Weekly Home Blessing Hour

On Mondays, The Weekly Home Blessing hour is the time FlyLady spends blessing her home. No detailed cleaning required; vacuum the middle of the floors only!  The time on this can depend on the size of your home, could take less than an hour or more than an hour but on average about an hour.  Set your timers and have fun – you are blessing your home and family!

FlyLady sets her timer for 10 minutes to work on each of 7 ways to bless your home:

  • Vacuum
  • Dust
  • Quick Mop
  • Polish Mirrors and Doors
  • Purge magazines/catalogs
  • Change Sheets
  • Empty all trash cans

You can have FlyLady coach you through the Weekly Home Blessing hour by listening to her on BlogTalkRadio. The link for the show is Weekly Home Blessing hour.

This takes approximately one hour; some tasks take less than 10 minutes.

“Don’t obsess, set your timer for 10 minutes for each task, then QUIT!” ~ FlyLady

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