Daily Focus Tuesday


On Tuesdays, We take some time out to Plan our week. Planning means taking time to look at next week and see what we can do to make things easier for us during the next week. Here are some things we can do to plan:


  • Menu planning
  • Activities planning
  • Date Night and Family Fun Time planning
  • Wardrobe planning
  • Checking prescriptions to see what needs to be refilled
  • And anything else you might need to plan. There are tons of things we can do to save ourselves time later!

We also get to have lots of fun on Tuesdays. This is where the play part comes from. When our planning is finished, we get to go play! Spend the rest of the day doing something fun just for you. See that movie you’ve been wanting to see, take a long bath with a good book, or get out and have some fun at the gym. Whatever makes you happy! This is all about you.

“See what you can do this week to make next week easier!” ~FlyLady

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