Financial Balance = PEACE

Dear Friends,

We are embarking on a journey to find financial peace! We can’t find the peace we are searching for until we find balance in our lives. We have all seen a scale of justice. Now imagine that this is your financial life. On one side you have your spending habits, and on the other you have your checkbook and your credit cards. Look at what happens when you don’t watch your spending habits: your spending side goes up and your debt/lack of money gets heavier and weighs you down. Then you quit looking at the heavy side by not opening your bills and reconciling your bank statements. Your spending gets completely out of control, and you don’t know what to do to get your financial life back in balance. We have two things we are going to address at the same time: one is facing our fears of where we really are, and the other is establishing new spending habits. As you quit spending, you will have more money to put against your debt, and eventually you will be back in balance and control.

Your lack of control is caused by being panicked. Fear of the unknown is always worse than a fear you face head on. You get caught in the vicious cycle of not knowing how much you have, so you procrastinate about paying bills. Then you pay things late, and all of a sudden your fear is costing you real money. When your spending continues to exceed your money, you rack up credit card debt to cover your losses. Yes, it is just like throwing your money down the toilet with a gambling habit. You are trying to fill an empty hole; you just do it with stuff that doesn’t amount to anything when you really look at it. Now for those of you that have not gotten into credit card debt and overdrafts — your time is coming. Don’t think that you have enough money keep those people off your back. They are hounding you every day with new credit card applications! It is just a matter of time until you are in the same boat. We have to change our spending habits now! Are you willing to face these demons and let go of your mindless spending and as a result have more money? This doesn’t happen over night, but it will come about one BabyStep at a time.

Get ready — your next essay will be filled with FLY Sense!

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