Financial CHAOS to Financial FLYing

Dear Friends,

When you found our little group, you were searching for help with your home. For years I have been preaching that your homes did not get dirty in a day, and it is not going to get clean over night. I have taught you to take BabySteps to gain control over the CHAOS in your home. Those BabySteps started with your shining your kitchen sink and getting dressed to shoes. Slowly, as you got rid of those ineffective habits and replaced them with simple routines, you started to find peace. You found that we didn’t teach you how to clean, but we motivated you to get up and spend 15 minutes at a time doing something. We addressed your stinking thinking and banished your perfectionism and martyred attitudes to help you learn to bless your home and FLY (Finally Love Yourself). Little by little, you have peeled away the layers of guilt and shame, and your home has become huggable. You have been enjoying the fruits of your consistent decluttering. Some of you are finding rooms that you love again, starting to paint and fix up and not become overwhelmed by the process.

There are others that are still struggling with this shame and guilt. Our SHEness has a way of invading all parts of our life. As a result, we have not only lost control of our homes but our finances. While trying to escape from the CHAOS, we dug ourselves deeper into debt by continuing to buy our way to feeling better. By not wanting to face what we have done, we procrastinated paying bills and looking at our credit card statements. We got deeper and deeper into debt and depression. Guilt eats away at us; so does hiding our dirty little secrets from our loved ones. When we were at our worst with our homes, we could not see the clutter. We became immune to it and to what the clutter was doing to us. What we couldn’t see was that clutter is a symptom of the disease,  not the disease itself! Another symptom is our inability to control our spending habits. This is one of the reasons we have so much clutter. Do you see this vicious cycle? We have to treat the disease. If I can talk you into loving yourself just a little, you will start to see changes in your life. As you replace your bad habits with effective routines, the clutter will go away! But what do we do about our spending habits? All of this fits together! Fear, guilt, anger, depression, messy homes, chronic illness, clutter, CHAOS, and OVER SPENDING. They feed off of themselves, all the while killing you!

It is time that we finally took control of our lives. I have given you the simple BabySteps that help you gain control over your homes; many of you are finding the peace that I have promised you. But the peace could fade if you don’t nip your out-of-control spending habits in the bud! If not, the clutter will be right back,  and your disposable income is going to get flushed down the toilet. We get e-mails every day from people wanting help with their finances. We have decided to address these issues the same way we have addressed the clutter and the lack of self love: one BabyStep at a time. I can’t say it enough: all of this is part of the same disease! If we can change our attitudes, establish new, effective routines at the same time as we banish our old bad habits, then we have a chance at filling up the empty, cancerous hole that is eating away at our self-esteem, our homes, and our peace!

It took me nine months to give birth to a new way of living without clutter, and I had to find ways to keep it from invading my life again. This is how I curbed my spending habits. I did not want to give up my peace! Some of you are still searching for this peace because as your home gets clean, your finances are trying to destroy you! We are going to stop this financial monster from eating you alive. Are you ready to FLY? To Financially Love Yourself?

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