FLY Sense #3: You Have to Do This One!

Dear Friends,

Fear is compounded by a lack of knowledge. We are going to FACE those fears right now.

Sit down at your cleared out desk or work area. I don’t care how you do this, but call the bank, go online, or get out your latest bank statement. Remember, this does not have to be perfect! Your perfectionism of searching for the last penny is what keeps you procrastinating about doing it anyway!

For right this moment, I want you to trust the bank. As you get a handle on all of this, you will be in a better position to check for bank errors. All you need now is to know what is in there and if there are any outstanding checks.

So get your bank balance and try to remember if you have written any checks that have not cleared. The good thing about debit cards is the money comes out immediately.

Now write your amount of money down in the checkbook in pencil. This is a starting place. It does not have to be to the penny, so don’t get caught by your perfectionism again.

Are you ready to FLY with knowledge as the wind beneath your wings? Just think you have conquered a major fear! You can do this. I am so proud of you!



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