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The FlyLady is a homeschool Grandmother and she loves homeschoolers. She wants to help you get rid of the CHAOS in your homes. Don’t know what CHAOS means? It stands for Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome. She wants to help you establish routines and declutter to bring peace to your home and homeschool.

You can’t homeschool in the middle of CHAOS around you. She wants to give you techniques that will help you to be the best homeschool mom (or homeschool dad) you can be. By simply using her routines you will find freedom from the drudgery of cleaning your home. You will learn to bless your home by cleaning it.

FlyLady Tami is a homeschool mom with six children. She will give you tips on how to teach your children to bless your home with you, so they will be ready to bless their own homes when they grow up. Parents give their children roots and wings. Let’s work together to give your children a peaceful, clutter-free home.

The FlyLady’s Routines will become second-nature to you. Many of them you will not even think about as you do them. They become automatic. Each month, The FlyLady will help you work on one habit. She will also help you divide your home into five Zones. You will spend one week each month working in a particular Zone. By following this, you will no longer have to do a big Spring cleaning (or Fall cleaning). You will work in small, manageable steps daily to take care of your home and bless your family with a peaceful place to live.

If you are a Homeschooling Parent and have used the FlyLady System to organize your home and school, we want to see your testimonial. Send it to with HOMESCHOOL TESTIMONIAL in the subject line. Other Homeschooling families could use your encouragement.

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