Beginner BabySteps: Day 2

BabyStep: Day 2
Today I want you get up and get dressed to lace-up shoes right when your feet hit the floor in the morning. This means fix your hair and face, too.
In order for us to change ourselves, we need to remind ourselves of what we are doing. I did this with yellow sticky notes throughout my home to guide me through my day. This was the beginning of my FlyLady Control Journal. I had little notes on my bathroom mirror to remind me to get dressed to shoes.
Shine your sink before you go to bed. Then send me an email to with MY SINK IS SHINING in the subject line.
FlyLady Tip of the Day:
To make it easier to get dressed each day; pick out your clothes the night before.Your Before Bed Routine is the most important routine of the day. ~FlyLady


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