Monthly Habit: April – Making Your Bed

APRILWelcome to April! It’s a brand new month and that means it’s time for a brand new habit. This month, we are concentrating on Making Your Bed. This one small step makes a huge difference in the look and feel of your room. Here’s some great information from FlyLady  to get you started.

Your bed in the bedroom is what the sink is to your kitchen. – FlyLady

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Watch this little video and listen to me talk about this habit of the month.

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Make the Bed Remodel

Dear Friends,

It is amazing how a made bed can change the whole look and feel of your bedroom. There can be a hotspot on your night-stands and dressers burning away – but if the bed is made the whole room feels and looks less cluttered.

Your bed in the bedroom is what the sink is to your kitchen. If the sink is empty and shining the whole kitchen feels better, the same applies to our beds. If the bed is made instead of the sheets and bedspreads in tangled mess – it changes the way we feel when we are in the room.

It is hard to make the bed when we don’t feel good about how the bed looks. Maybe it is time for a Make Your Bed Re-Model!

Take a good hard look at your bed and the bed linens to see what changes or improvements you can make.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. If you love the style and colors of your bedding, then strip the bed down and give everything a good washing. It may mean a trip to the dry cleaner for some bedspreads or comforters. When I say everything I mean all the way to the dust ruffle or bed skirt, pillow shams, etc. Pay attention to the care labels that tell you how to launder these items. Then remake your bed from the bottom up. Going to sleep in freshly laundered bed linens is so relaxing.
  2. Pillows – wash them or fluff them in your dryer. It is possible that your pillows will need to be replaced. Sleeping on a pillow that is worn out and has lost its support can cause back, neck and shoulder pain in addition to restless sleep.
  3. Mattress – check your mattress pad if you have one – check to see if this needs to be replaced. We have a tendency to ignore this item. Get someone to help you turn and flip your mattress if you have not done this in awhile. It is amazing how much better you will sleep when you keep your mattress turned for equal wear and tear. Maybe put a few dollars aside each week and treat yourself to a new mattress pad that is a mattress topper, the added comfort and support is definitely a way to pamper yourself!
  4. Do you have a different set of bed linens that you have not used in a while or that you have never used? Maybe change them out for a new look. Sometimes all it takes it a small change to jump start a new habit.
  5. Is it time to replace the current bed linens? There are so many new choices these days for re-doing your bed very inexpensively. You do not have to rush out and buy all new bed linens. You can look through catalogs and online and window shop until you find styles and colors that fit you and your budget.

Your bed is where you get the most important down time of all, sleep and relaxation for the next day. You deserve for every night in your bed to be peaceful and comforting.

Look at your bed in the bedroom as importantly as you view the shiny sink in your kitchen!!

Testimonial: A Made Bed Brings Peace

Dear FlyLady,

I have to admit, I was never a bed-maker. Never! But I had revelation a few weeks ago when our house was scheduled to be appraised so we could purchase our lease option.

Obviously, the house needed to be clean and pictures were going to be taken. I was in panic mode at first, but that didn’t last long! I had my FlyLady on!

The nice part about the process is that I didn’t have to do the “stash and dash”…even better though is that the house is still clean! The only room that really needed a bit of attention was our master bedroom.

So I started cleaning and decluttering. It took almost a day, it wasn’t easy…but the BEST part is the new habit that came about…I started making the bed…EVERY DAY after that appraisal day!!!! It looks so nice and inviting, I just had to continue doing it, it made me feel too good. I realized that because my bed and bedroom looked so sloppy and cluttered before this habit, that it automatically became the family dumping ground for whatever didn’t have a home.

Now that it’s neat and tidy, no one has dropped anything in it at all and the kids are more respectful of my space…they even started asking if they could use my bedroom to read and play in! (The answer is no, but it’s nice to not have to push aside a jumble of bedding and stuff when one wants to cuddle after a bad dream!)

I can’t wait for Hubby to get back from his 4 month job out-of-town, so I can show him how cozy our new “master suite” is! I’m sure he’ll love it! LOL and the sparks in there won’t be because the room is a fire hazard!!

Blessed by you yet again,

A devoted FlyBaby

FlyLady here: Our habit for April is to make the bed everyday. And when you do, you are creating a space for yourself that just shines! Have you made your bed today?

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