Column 33 – Happy Living Things by The FlyLady, Marla Cilley

This past week I joined many members from our community to kick off the fundraising for our new Animal Shelter. While I was a County Commissioner several years ago it had been on our priority list, along with a new library and a new jail. Now the time has come for the Animal Shelter to be put at the top of the list. I am very proud of our Commissions for thinking of the future needs of community and the helpless critters who live here. They have committed to $750,000 toward our new shelter. The Friends of the Animal Shelter are looking for donations to make our Shelter the best it can possibly be. All we need is $350,000! Please donate what you can today.

I am also proud of the volunteers who rescue these homeless creatures from our animal shelter. In 2010 our Transylvania County Animal Shelter took in 586 animals and 514 of them were given new homes. Other counties in North Carolina are euthanizing thousands. According to records at the North Carolina Department of Agriculture, Davidson County tops their list by having reported killing 7013 dogs and cats in 2009.

I believe that the reason our numbers are a mere 1% of Davidson County has to do with the volunteer organizations; TAAG, Charlieâs Angels, Friends for Life, Catman II, Noahâs Ark and many others who foster these pets. Our community has been blessed because, not only do these volunteers rescue these helpless critters but they also make it easier and affordable to be a responsible pet owner. They provide help with shots and spay and neutering clinics. We have fewer unwanted animals because these people devote their time and money into saving these happy living things.

My vet, Clyde Brooks who is the Co-Chair of this Fundraising project speculated that it would be nice to not need an animal shelter. Another vet, Dr. McPherson said that he went into schools teaching children what it means to be a responsible pet owner. Several parents would get upset with him because they were being shamed by their children to get their dogs and cats fixed so there would not be any more unwanted puppies and kittens.

This is a big part of being a responsible pet owner. We want to teach our children responsibility by getting them a pet. Our dogs and cats need; food, water, shelter, love, companionship and routines, just like you do. Some of the funniest testimonials I receive have to do with our pets. One lady as she was putting her shoes in the morning, her dog would bring her the leash because shoes had to mean they were going for a walk.

Our homes would not be the same without our animals. When you are ready to get a new pet for your home please check with your local animal shelter. All of my dogs and cats are rescue animals. The first dog I ever got on my own was from a shelter.

His name was Ranger and I believe that dog saved my life when someone tried to rob the store I had opened at the crack of dawn. Some stranger came in the door and every hair stood up on Rangerâs back. That dog loved everyone. I just looked at that man and said, I donât know what you have in mind but if you donât get out of here Ranger is going to attack you. That man hit the door running and Ranger was right after him; keeping him away from the door. The dog didnât attack but I know in my heart that Ranger protected me from evil.

This week I got these two quotes. I donât know who to attribute them to but they are worth sharing. ãUntil one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains unawakened.ä The next quote says it all, ãTo the world, you are just one more rescue person. To a rescued pet, you are the world.ä

Please volunteer with your local organizations and donate to them. Help us build our new Animal Shelter.

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