Column 39 – Discover Your Dreams by The FlyLady, Marla Cilley

Did you ever just wonder why you are here and what it is you are supposed to be doing with your life. When I was a child I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. Even as a young mother I did not have a clue about who I was and what I really wanted.

My life was so busy that I barely had time to breathe much less think about what was next for me. This busy life is another form of clutter that keeps us from pursuing anything. How can we stop this vicious cycle and find out who we are and what we want.

What I have realized is that we all have desires but we don’t know how to take the babysteps to achieve what we want. When I think about how I can help you discover your dreams; I go back to what has happened in my life. My desire is to help you find the peace that I have and how I discovered who I am. You can do this too.

If you had told me several years ago that I would become a writer, mentor, county commissioner or a business woman; I would have told you that you were crazy because I didn’t have time to do any of these things. Who me? Who am I to even think about any of this? I didn’t or couldn’t even go to these places in my mind. Even in my wildest dreams these things never occurred to me. My mind was so full with just trying keep my head above water; how could I step out of my comfort zone to do anything more than I was.

It was only when I got rid of the stress from a cluttered chaotic life that I could hear what was being put in my head. My sweet darling calls them God Breezes. He told me about these breezes on our very first date. I will never forget how he described them to me. Imagine that God is that picture you have seen of that ole north wind and that you are sitting in a tiny boat on a still water. Now think about that old gentleman puffing out his cheeks to blow a breeze in the direction of your little boat. You get to choose if you are going to harness that breeze or not. It is up to you to put up your sails and allow the wise wind to take you where you are supposed to go or your other choice is no choice. You don’t have to do anything; you don’t have time to put your sails up; so you do nothing and sit dead in the water.

Isn’t that how we feel inside anyway; a dead unfulfilled useless going through the motions daily existence. This is such a sad way to live because we know there is something else out there but we don’t have a clue how to put up our sails to try to capture the God Breeze.

These words are going to help you find the strength to pull up your sails and find your direction. If I could to this then you can too. All it takes is a willingness to FLY! Finally Love yourself. Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2020 FlyLady and Company, Inc.