Column 52 – Tis the Season! by The FlyLady, Marla Cilley

 The holiday season is upon us! That also means that the flu season is here too. In the next week we will be meeting and greeting many of our family and friends. In our family we have had to postpone our Christmas dinner because Robert’s sister’s family is coming down with the crud. We do not want to give this sickness to their ninety-nine year old mother. Robert and I have already had it; it took a month for us to get over it. 

Every year people die from the flu at an alarming rate, but we can’t live in fear! Most of the time we ignore the notifications about flu shots being available at your corner drug store because we are so busy; my doctor told me a few months ago that they were not going to get a supply of flu shots because they go to waste. I think this year our awareness has been heightened. This can be good! Awareness keeps the subject in the news. Out of sight out of mind; not anymore, we will not take our health for granted this year. What we have to do is keep germs from spreading and take care of ourselves by eating nutritious food, exercising and getting plenty of sleep.

Let’s use some of our good ole common sense to keep these germs from spreading!

1. Wash Your Hands often with hot soapy water while you sing happy birthday.
2. Use hand sanitizer in addition to hand washing and when you can’t wash your hands.
3. Don’t touch your face, nose and eyes with your hands.
4. Cover your mouth with your inside elbow when you cough or sneeze instead of your hand.
5. Wash your hands before you eat.
6. Wash your hands immediately when you get home.
7. Use a stack of wash cloths for hand drying instead of the same towel.
8. Use a fork or a spoon so you are not handling your food.
9. Limit exposure by staying home more for meals.
10. Make a grocery list and shop once a week.
11. If you are sick; stay home! Martyrs spread more germs!

These are habits that we can establish easily. Put a sign in your bathroom to wash your hands. Teach your children to wash their hands and set up a routine for this.

If you are FLYing you will be one step ahead of these flu germs with your routines for shopping and keeping your home clean. We cannot live in fear of something that common sense tells me is bad every year. Let’s do what we can with the knowledge we have! Now go wipe off some door knobs, light switches, faucets, remote controls and computer keyboards. I use a clean wash cloth with rubbing alcohol on it. You have to go fast because the alcohol evaporates. Ready, set, go! Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2020 FlyLady and Company, Inc.