Column 20 – Good Habits are Hard to Break by the FlyLady, Marla Cilley

It is always good to get away for a weekend with your friends. We travel a lot but not often just for pleasure. We decided to attend the “I Can Do It” Conference in Atlanta. This could be considered continuing education for all of us because the foundation theme of the conference falls in line with Finally Loving Yourself!

We laughed and cried! We found a new use for the purple rags. They are a great hanky for those purple puddles. It was so much fun to be together. After Atlanta we headed to Fort Campbell to speak to the Military Spouses.

I love to meet the husbands and wives of our brave soldiers. We have never had such great audience participation during our question and answer sessions. After we left Fort Campbell, we stopped to have dinner with an old friend from my hometown.

On the way home we decided to not listen to music! This was not a conscious decision. The subject of having a pajama day came up. This is a foreign concept to me. Since 1999 I have been getting up and getting dressed to lace up shoes within fifteen minutes of my feet hitting the floor. I have not stayed in my pajamas unless I was too sick to get out of the bed. I have not ever been that sick. If I get up; I get dressed.

We knew we were going to get home very late. Nikki and Michele were already planning their pajama day. We finally go into bed about 3:00 am. I slept until 10:30 and decided to stay in my pajamas until noon. Wow this is so hard to do. As I am writing this I am twitching. It feels uncomfortable to me.

At noon I went back to the bathroom to take a shower and get dressed. I thought well I just wait to get dressed. Here it is 2:30pm and I still have on my pajamas. I keep checking the front door to make sure no one is coming to our home. Now I just realized that I have not taken my daily supplements. The bed is not made and my bathroom has not been swished and swiped. I forgot my coffee and the floors need dust mopped. Wow I don’t like this feeling that I have forgotten something.

I believe that it is time for me to stop this silly experiment and begin this day again! We can start our day over at any time. Many of my automatic habits are piggybacked on my basic habit of getting up and getting dressed to shoes! I am headed back to bed so my feet will hit the floor running. I just realized this is like remembering your social security number. When I have to tell someone the last four digits of my number; I have to start at the beginning.

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