Chat Room Rules

Welcome to our chat! We are so happy you have decided to FLY (Finally Love Yourself) with us. This room is full of the most loving and dedicated FlyBabies from all around the world. Of course, we are all still learning and growing in our journey. We are here for motivation, inspiration, sharing and fun games to keep us focused and productive. This is a “working” room – Remember, you can do anything for 15 minutes!

We now have 3 chat rooms to help you FLY.  The main room is “Flylady’s chat.” This is a more relaxed environment.  It is a great room for those with questions about FLYing.  We help each other “grow their wings” in here.  Although it isn’t required, we encourage you to bless your home while in here.  This room is now password protected.  The password is:   FLY (make sure to use all caps)

The next room is the “Game room.”  This room is designed to motivate you on your journey to FLYing.  We have several different games that we play in here.  FLYers are encouraged to bless their home every 15 to 30 minutes.  Please limit list to 6 blessings/items per game.  We ask that you be respectful of any game already in progress.  Remember, you are not behind, just jump in where we are.  This room is password protected. The password is:  GAME (make sure to use all caps)

The last room is “Focus Makes Me Fabulous.”  This room is designed to help you stay focused.  We bless our homes at :00 and :30 and come back to chat at :15 and :45.  We are a positive room with the main focus on blessing our homes.  This room is also password protected.  The password is:  FOCUS (make sure to use all caps)

This is a private chat paid for by FlyLady and was a gift to the FlyBabies for her tenth year anniversary. The Moderators’ names are at the top of the User list, in red. They are mostly volunteers, and have been chosen for their efforts in caring for the chatters. They spend many of their own hours in chat and behind the scenes to help make chatting here a safe and pleasant experience for all. Please respect them and appreciate the work they do for you.

We have two main rules in our chat: 
1. Respect for each other, including moderators.
2. No Whining. Venting is acceptable. Venting is done with a solution in mind and keeps us from exploding. However, please set a five minute timer, and be prepared to seek a solution within that time limit.

This chat is intended primarily for adult FlyBabies. You may chat if you are old enough to use Facebook (13). We keep the chat as clean and welcoming as possible for everyone involved.

When chatting here, please try to observe some common courtesy:
1. Enter the room pleasantly. “Hello” works well as a greeting for the room. “UGH” does not.
2. Do your best to greet other chatters as they enter, and to cheer them on as they list their accomplishments.
3. Try to keep your comments positive – we are all trying to battle “stinkin thinkin” every day. (see “No Whining”, above )
4. No controversial topics, including politics and religious discussions. (It is perfectly acceptable to mention your religion or to ask for prayers, if done in a respectful way.)
5. Once you choose a nickname, please do not change it substantially without letting other chatters know it’s “you”.
6. Please do not just dump your personal problems on the other chatters. While we all want to be supportive, this room should not be used as a substitute for professional therapy, medical, or legal counseling.
7. If you have a product or service that you sell, please limit your sales pitch.
8. If posting any links, please keep them family-rated since minor chatters could be on with their parent at any time.
9. For your safety, do not give out personal information (e-mail, phone number, etc.) in main chat. If you trust another chatter enough to share, please do so in Private Message only.
10. Unknown idlers (i.e. users signed in, but not “speaking”) are not allowed in this chat and may be logged off at the Moderators’ discretion.
11. You do not ever have to answer a Private Message, unless it is from a Moderator. Ignoring a Moderator is considered disrespectful and can result in disciplinary action.

The Moderating Team reserves the right to temporarily “kick” or permanently “ban” any chatter for any reason deemed necessary. If you wish to discuss a Moderator’s decision or any other chat issue, please send an email to Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2016 FlyLady and Company, Inc.