FlyBaby Pampering Ideas, Part One

FlyLady asked her FlyBabies for their favorite pampering ideas, and did they deliver! This is part one of our Member Pampering Tips. These are all from your fellow FlyBabies; take inspiration from them to find new ways to Finally Love Yourself. You’ll find motivation to take time for yourself as well as fresh pampering ideas that will help you feel and look rejuvenated. Many thanks to all the members who submitted their favorite pampering ideas!

Brenda’s Pampering Routine

Dear FLYLady,

Once a week my pampering/beauty routine is as follows:

  1. Dry rasp my heels and soles (sometimes at this point I put on hair deep conditioner)
  2. Short or long soak in the tub with bubble bath depending on how much time I have
  3. Shave legs and underarms (of course I also do this one or two more times during the week too)
  4. Use a nail pumice stick on my fingernails and toenails
  5. Use a Dr. Scholl foot pumice on the bottoms of my feet to remove callouses
  6. Scrub my body with bath gel wearing those scratchy woven gloves
  7. Rinse off and get out
  8. Apply tooth-whitening gel for 3-5 minutes
  9. At the same time apply masque to my face, neck and chest for 10-15 minutes
  10. In the meantime apply lotion to the rest of my body
  11. File fingernails and trim and file toenails if necessary (you can put 1-2 coats of polish on your nails too)
  12. Rinse teeth and face and apply face cream

All this only takes half an hour and you feel like a new woman afterward. I make sure to lock my bedroom door beforehand, and since my bathroom is inside my bedroom if I have extra time waiting for my masque to dry I can do some bathroom and/or room cleanup. I don’t think half an hour once a week is too much to spend on yourself. You couldn’t drive to the salon and back in that amount of time! Also, there is no law about when you could treat yourself. If your only free time is in the morning when the kids are at school, then by all means do it then.


Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

My Favorite Ways to Pamper Myself

  1. Get your eyebrows waxed. It’s not as painful as it sounds – honest – and it opens your whole face up when it’s done. I like to think of it as my non-surgical face lift secret.
  2. Manicure and pedicure.
  3. Get a massage. Look for a massage school – students take their time and give great massages for just a fraction of the cost.
  4. Join a book club and schedule time to actually read the book. Joining a club will force you to have the book finished by a deadline and the book club meeting will get you out of the house to socialize!

And my all-time favorite means of pampering these days – learning to FLY!


FLYing in Philly

At-home Pedicures

Dear Flylady and all,

My favorite way to pamper myself is with a pedicure! At one time, Avon was selling an inflatable foot bath, with some foot scrub. I bought them and when I need a lift, I fill it up with warm water, soak and scrub my feet, clip my toe nails and put on a little polish. It makes me feel so perky. I especially like to do this while watching a movie.

Thanks for all you do!

South Texas Flybaby

Alone time at the bookstore

Dear Flylady,

I have two school age boys. We are also a very loud family. I find that my favorite way to pamper myself is to go to the local bookstore for an hour or two. I buy a cup of coffee and read all the books and magazines I want. Sometimes I buy something, sometimes not. I find this is better than the library, because the bookstore sells coffee and treats and has a newer selection of reading material. The peace and quiet rejuvenates me and I’m a better mom and wife when I get home.

Flying in Florida

Afternoon Tea

After the children and I come home from school in the afternoon, I put on the kettle and make myself a nice cup of raspberry tea and then I make myself sit down to enjoy it.The rest of the day goes much smoother! – Mary

Winter Nail Pampering

Trim finger nails and toe nails and file any sharp edges. Give fingernails a coat of clear varnish and toes a coat of any lovely colour you like.

Only you will see it during the winter!

Flybaby in Cheshire UK

Eight Great Pampering Ideas

Hello! I’m so excited to hear everyone’s ideas for pampering themselves… my MIL calls it “nurturing myself.” What a lovely idea!

Here are some of my favorites:

  1. Making up some hot chocolate (or grabbing some at a little coffee shop) and window shopping or taking a nice walk.
  2. Taking my lunch to a park and eating while kids play nearby. Sometimes I read or knit there, too.
  3. I have a file of cards and letters I’ve saved from beloved people, and when I need to remember who I am or have a little self-esteem pick-me-up, I crack out the pretty little basket and read through a few. It always makes me feel wonderful, and it motivates me to love on others and write some affirming notes, too.
  4. Doing a face mask and giving myself a manicure or pedicure or a deep conditioning hair treatment, then taking a LOOOOONG steamy shower till I’m all pruned, and slathering myself with shea butter or lotion.
  5. Watching a chick flick or one of my favorite movies, curled up on the couch. Doing absolutely nothing else but watching.
  6. Buying myself a little treasure — some pretty stationery, a scented candle, bath salts, a new lipstick, some English tea (no clutter!). Then enjoying it.
  7. Watching the sunset. When I lived in California, I’d savor it at the beach. Here in Minnesota I take it in by a lake near our house.
  8. Holing up at a little dessert or bread shop with my journal, then enjoying a little treat while I write or peoplewatch out the window. Sometimes I take along a girlfriend for some good chat time.

Hope those are inspiring for someone – I know they nurture me!!

Coffee with Friends


My favorite way to pamper myself is to go to a coffee shop with my friends for an hour one morning. It’s a great way to relax and get caught up!

Fluttering in NY

You Deserve It!

My favorite ways to pamper myself range from very grand to very simple. Here are some of the things I do:

  1. Get rid of the kids one day a week so I can clean or shop, but mainly just be by myself. Some days all I do is take a nap and read a book!
  2. Get a latte when I go grocery shopping. It makes the whole experience better!
  3. A fresh coat of nailpolish, even if only on my toenails!
  4. Commit to an excersize routine. This has been hard to keep, but so worth it!
  5. Fresh flowers as often as possible. I just buy them at the grocery store – even just happy carnations or daisies (which last forever) make everything brighter. Takes the pressure off my DH, too. LOL
  6. I have a weekly girls’ group that I go to. We’ve been meeting as a whole group for over six years and although it’s ostensibly a Bible study, it’s so much more. These women are my best friends and I don’t miss a night unless I absolutely have to.
  7. Set the coffee maker so there’s freshly brewed coffee when I come downstairs in the morning.

The best thing I do to pamper myself, though, is to tell myself over and over that *I* deserve a clean house, a made bed, feet that don’t hurt, clean clothes, etc. I tell myself that I do these things for ME and that cleaning up after everyone is how I bless them, instead of being angry at how much mess a family can produce. It really helps motivate me to keep moving!

Thanks for EVERYTHING!

Flapping in MN

“Mindless” Fun

I teach our daughters at home and always seem to have serious reading, paper correcting or research to do in connection with it, and between that and taking care of personal finances and the household I really crave some “mindless” time. I don’t like to watch TV or read magazines very much, so what I do sometimes is play an electronic solitaire game (handheld). It engages my mind a little, but mostly it is a game that does not require serious thought. That is such a relief to me after a day of trying to figure out math, history and science puzzles! *And* I can put it down after just a couple minutes if necessary, so it is something I can do for myself real quick in between times if I’m getting a bit stressed.

Flybaby in TX


Dear Flylady,

I love to give myself a pedicure and paint my toenails bright red. I am a homeschooling Mom of four children and every time I see my bright, shiny toenails, it reminds me that I took a few minutes for myself. It also reminds me that I am more than a Mom! Thanks for reminding us to take care of ourselves!

Washington State Flybaby

Just Sitting

I have as my nightly routine a portion of time that I call “Sit.” Since I tend to sort of bustle around otherwise, this is the key component to it being self-pampering. During that time, I can do anything, as long as I am still sitting. I usually knit, but anything would work, as long as it was something you enjoyed and that was for yourself. – Susanna

Tea and a Good Book

My favorite way to pamper myself is to cuddle up in my LazyBoy rocker with a cup of Sleepytime tea and a good book. – Judy in Okla.

Thrifty Pampering

Dear Flylady and Crew,

I love the weekly pamper missions. They remind me that while I am blessing my family by having their clothes clean, keeping toilet paper in the bathrooms, and helping our organizational skills that I need to take some time out for me, too. To pamper myself I do something as simple as painting my toenails. It only takes a couple of minutes, but every time I see my feet from then on I remember “Hey, I took care of myself, and look how pretty my feet are!” I indulge in a professional pedicure a couple of times per year as well. I also like to go to our local beauty college where they give facials for only $15. A professional one costs around $65! A 50 dollar savings and I bet it’s almost as good as the professional one.

This may not be considered pampering but I really enjoy time to go scrapbooking by myself. I started scrapbooking a few months ago and I’ve found it to be very therapeutic. I’ve revisited the delicious time in which my husband and I fell in love; different experiences we’ve shared, the birth of our (now 2 year old) daughter, our wedding, and on and on. While I’m creating the pages I look at the pictures, remember the experience, and re-live that time period while I’m thinking about how I want to portray the experience on paper. It is fantastic, and I come home refreshed with a renewed appreciation for my family, as well as an heirloom that my daughter and husband love to look at! I get pampered and I produce something tangible for my family too. Double blessings!

Thank you for all that you do.

Flybaby in Reno

Alone Time

When I want to feel pampered, I take my nightly shower half an hour earlier, snuggle into my comfy robe, turn back the bedcovers, switch on the nedside lamp, and read another chapter of the novel that I checked out from the library. I love the quiet peacefulness of my “alone” time.

Every night I simmer two quarts of plain broth from vegetables (no meat or flavorings), and set the hot quarts in Mason jars beside the bed (in a big punch bowl so I don’t knock them over). During evening routine or waking up during the night, it’s so soothing to sip on them. Then in the morning the leftover broth can be heated up to start the day. For some reason, it’s uncomfortable to drink plain room-temperature water, especially in winter; but heated with vegetables and some warming ginger it feels really good and adds liquid and vitamins too.Thank you for the pampering section!

Fly Coasting in MA

“Feet Treat”

Thank you, FlyLady and crew, for reminding us to pamper ourselves! A few times a month I give myself a “Feet Treat.” I like to do this in the evening. It’s a good substitute for a bubble bath. I fill a plastic dishpan (used specifically for this purpose) with very warm water and set it on a folded bath towel on the floor in front of the sofa. I relax, close my eyes, take some deep, slow breaths, and just soak my feet for 5-10 minutes. It’s a great way to de-stress. Then I use a jar of scented sugar scrub to exfoliate my feet and calves. After drying off my feet with an extra towel, I apply foot lotion and put on some white cotton socks. Then I wash the dishpan in the bathtub. It’s a very soothing little bath for your tootsies after a long day on your feet!

Sitting on the Porch

Hey Fly Crew,

First thanks for all you do. You make life so much nicer and calmer. My favorite way to pamper myself is to take a cup of tea or coffee onto my beautiful front porch my DH built for me and to sit in the swing and read a good book or a magazine like Southern Lady or Tea Time. I love being out there, even when everyone else thinks it is too cold. I just wrap up. I set my Fly Lady timer and I don’t feel guilty at all!

Love y’all,

A Flybaby in Nortwest Georgia

Walking the Dogs


I’m not sure if this should be considered more of a testimonial, but here goes:

I am a single Mom. I have a very stressful job, sometimes seven days a week. I have two ways I pamper myself each day. I take my German shepherd & Pomeranian puppy out for their morning “going outside” 🙂 as soon as I come home from work. Then I give them their breakfast (children are already at school). While the puppies are eating I get on the computer and check my FlyLady emails and testimonials. This helps me take my mind off work and start to unwind. Checking those emails have helped me get through a very traumatic experience last year (with some counseling as well). The counseling helped, but my counselor couldn’t always be there.

So when I felt like there was nothing left & I just wanted to give up, I would turn to the testimonials and the emails. Those emails would help me to have the strength I needed to “pick myself up” and start the process of learning to love myself. God Bless all of you! (You have helped me stay strong for myself and my children)

So naturally my first pampering is checking my FlyLady emails and testimonials (works wonders for me- I also LOVE the FlyLady CDs and DVD)

My next pampering mission I try to do faithfully everyday is to go to bed a half hour early so that I may read a really good book before going to sleep. This one little thing helps me to sleep better than I have in 23 years.

I have been put through every form of abuse (the source of the abuse is in jail now) starting at the age of 12. I now sometimes think of myself as a phoenix rising above the ashes of abuse – I think my long red hair fits this too 😉 )

Bless You,

A Phoenix spreading her wings in PA.

Foot Massages

My fun pampering mission is good for me and my son! I have a 20 year old son with Down Syndrome who is terrific at foot massaging! After his brother and sisters are in bed, he will come into our den with a smile on his face and his hands behind his back. I say, “Well, what are YOU doing up?” And he brings out the bottle of lotion! He rubs lotion on my feet, and I’m supposed to “forget” that he is staying up late! LOL Hey, it works for me! He’s a sweet guy, and has plenty of patience to give a great foot rub. And, after a long day as chauffeur, cook, laundress, counselor, coach, and all-around great Mom to 4 children – what a great way to be pampered!Thank you Dear FlyLady and Crew – for reminding all of us that we ARE worth pampering!

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