FlyBaby Pampering Ideas, Part Four

FlyLady asked her FlyBabies for their favorite pampering ideas, and did they deliver! This is part four of our Member Pampering Tips. These are all from your fellow FlyBabies; take inspiration from them to find new ways to Finally Love Yourself. You’ll find motivation to take time for yourself as well as fresh pampering ideas that will help you feel and look rejuvenated. Many thanks to all the members who submitted their favorite pampering ideas!

Bakery Treat

One way to pamper yourself, especially on a budget (either financial or calorie) is to treat yourself to a special cup of coffee or tea and a small treat from a local bakery or coffee shop. Not the chain stores but those local merchants who really put love and care into what they make and to whom your business is important. These products are much better tasting and are a real treat to enjoy. I especially like to savor my treat in a quiet sunny spot with or without a good book.

Cuticle Care

For the past couple of years I have had the worst hangnails and my fingernails were always chipping and breaking. About a month ago I bought a tiny little jar of cuticle cream and a little manicure stick ( it cost about $6.00) Everyday for 15 minutes I rub it into my nails,push my cuticles back with the little stick. It’s a mini manicure everyday and it fits right into one of my sit down for 15 minute breaks. I usually drink a glass of water or sip tea too. I get back into my routines feeling totally spoiled. How many people do you know that get a manicure everyday? And no more painful hangnails and stronger nails. Thanks Flylady for a great 15 minutes.

Mani/Pedi Day

I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure every 2 weeks religiously. I have ingrown toenails so it’s a two-fold session. It’s helping keep my feet happy and healthy and I love my pretty toes. My nail tech goes to my church and loves to do fancy nail art. It’s no extra charge and it’s great advertisement for her. She matches my big toes to whatever she does on my nails. This means a lot to me because I bit my nails all my life until I was 27. So now I reward myself for HAVING nails to get pampered. Also playing soft music and she has the vibrating chair and warms up a neck pillow while having my pedicure. I am in heaven. (Big sigh) Pampered in Georgia

Soft Feet

Something simple I do to pamper myself is smoothing lavender scented lotion on my feet before I go to bed and also in the morning before I put on my socks. It makes a WORLD of difference in how my feet look and feel! Before I started FLYing, I had skanky callouses and rough heels. They are so wonderfully soft now that even DH won’t make “gross out” faces if I ask him for an impromptu foot rub! LOLFlybaby K in VA

Do-It-Yourself Manicure

My husband has been unemployed for almost a year and a half now, so I’ve been working 6 days a week until he can find something permanent. I have 2 young children, thus lots of laundry and dishes to wash, baths and whatnot. To me, the most luxurious thing is a manicure. I can’t afford to pay someone to do it for me, so I take an hour to myself and really indulge. I use real olive oil for a cuticle softenener, take the time to file my nails to a nice shape, exfoliate with cocoa butter and sugar, and put on a nice hand cream. Then, I paint them a pretty color suitable for the season or whatever I’m doing that week. If I have a little extra time, I will do a French manicure. My nails aren’t really long, because I am an accountant and work on the computer all day. But, keeping them nice makes me feel very ladylike, and very pampered.

Laid-back Saturday mornings

I love Saturdays when we don’t have any commitments. It’s sort of an unspoken rule in our house that on these rare occasions, I’ll be doing a little self pampering. As soon as my dh gets up, (he’s a morning person and I’m not, so he always wakes up before me), I roll over, grab his favorite mushy feather pillow like it’s a Teddy bear (I like how it smells of him), and sleep in another 30 minutes or so. I don’t sleep in too long, because I don’t want to mess up my weekly sleep schedule. But it’s still the best sleep I get all week, because I know he’s taking care of everything downstairs. There’s nothing like stretching out in that big bed all by myself with absolutely no pressure to hurry up and start the day. Then I treat myself to a long shower while blaring my favorite 80’s tunes. I take advantage of the extra time to deep condition my hair and really shave my legs well. (Versus those ankle ripping quickies I do during the week.) Lastly, I drench myself in moisturizer, dress to the shoes (of course), and sashay down the stairs, transformed into the well rested, sexy diva my dh fell in love with.–Whistling While I Fly in Canton, GA

At-home Facials and Manicures

I give myself a facial and manicure. I lock my self in the bathroom with candles and soft music playing. I run a bubble bath and while the tub is running, I scrub my face and put on a mask and then I soak in the tub. As I soak in the tub, I work on my fungernails. This sounds like a lot of work, but it is so worth it. I come out smelling nice, my skin is soft and glowing and my finger nails look like I haven’t been working all day. To see the look on my husband’s face and the way he touches my skin, makes it worth while.Mom of 4 in Iowa

Bedtime Pampering

As part of developing my bedtime routine, and trying to signal to my body that it is time to go to sleep, I started to rub my hands with a scented hand cream/lotion/moisturizer. It feels nice, and the smell is calming, as well as being now a sort of trigger for getting sleepy.

Make Scent Part of your Bedtime Routine

So, that is my idea for a simple pamper mission: make scent part of your bedtime routine. Burn a scented candle, spray your sheets with a light scent or use some scented moisturizer, just before you tuck yourself in.


Warm Baths

Hi there, Flycrew.

FLylady says you need ideas for Pamper Missions. Well, here is how I pamper myself when given the chance (I have 3 boys and a DH too!).

I run a very hot bath and add some essential oils to smell up the room as well as me! Last time I used Lemon and it smelled heavenly! Then I usually apply a mask of some sort; clay or the peel off kind and soak there in the hot, smelly-good tub while it dries and I take it off. Then I get out and follow up with a rub down with my favorite lotion. I always feel so wonderful after that. I get to use all the products that I love like my facial scrub or foot scrub and the lotions.

Then sometimes when I have the time I choose to just lie on the couch with a very good book. You know, the kind that get you all teary-eyed? 🙂

I can’t wait to read all of the other replies about how they pamper themselves. I always find some new ideas!

Thanks to Flylady and all of the FlyCrew for all the missions inCLUDING the PAMPER Missions! They are my fave!

Flygirl in Alabama

Learning Something New

I love learning new things. Sometimes I just take time to ask questions and listen to new ideas. Once while at the mall I walked into a specialty popcorn store and asked how they made all that yummy stuff. The lady was alone – she had time – and she loved answering my questions. She showed me how the popcorn was added to a huge kettle, seasoned with specialty toppings, packaged, and prepared for purchase. The popcorn smelled wonderful! I learned something new and sampled a fresh new flavor. It took all of 5-10 minutes, and both the shop employee and I enjoyed ourselves.

Home Spa Treatment

As a single mom with a full-time job and full-time school, I have very little time for myself. When I do get a bit of time, I love to lock myself in the bathroom (a movie and some snacks for my DD ensures uninterrupted time) for a home-spa treatment. This is when I soak in the bathtub, shave thoroughly (we all skip the legs in winter! lol), give myself a facial masque, a pedicure, a manicure, use my pretty scented lotion, etc. I have all these things in my bathroom already, so it’s all FREE! The best part about this is that when I’m done, I feel so pretty and feminine!

A variation on this for family fun time (my family consists of my 5-yo DD and me) is to include my daughter. There isn’t a 5-yo girl out there who doesn’t love a little home-spa pampering!

Fluttering along,

Talitha in L.A.

Girl-time Pedicure

One day I visited a friend for a chat. She got out her nail care kit, and polish, and little bowls for soaking, a hand towel for each of us, and we sat, talking, and gave ourselves a manicure. Since I usually don’t do this, it was lots of fun, and very pretty. Only took about 30 minutes, and we looked great!Flybaby in Central PA

Bubble Bath and Coffee

Hello, Flylady and crew.

My favorite way to pamper myself is to have a hot cup of either toffee or french vanilla cappacino topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of all-spice (or nutmeg). I take a few moments to enjoy this in a quiet spot somewhere — sometimes even in a nice, warm, bubble bath.

WV Flybaby

Pamper Party

well first of all i love flylady!i’ve been flying for 6 weeks and must say i can see my work paying off even 15 minutes a day–i brag to anyone who will listen!!well enough about me–we just had a pamper party for one of my best friends who is expecting her 3rd baby–it was a small gathering of 7 of the people closest to her–we each brought small tokens for the baby ie: pampers,wipes, bibs, blankets, towel etc–but we pampered her with a manicure and pedicure and also pampered ourselves each with a manicure too!it was a fabulous night we all enjoyed being pampered and the baby soon will too!so to any of you that know of a friend or family expecting their third baby by which the bibs,pampers, wipes etc are adding up to lots of $$–its a great idea to pamper them and maybe even yourself too!fabulous flybaby in boston!

Saturdays Off

Dear Flycrew,

I homeschool my 7 y/o twin boys. So when I need a little pampering I put a date on the calendar for a Saturday off. It is my day to do with what I want. I usually get breakfast and try to leave around 10 am. Then I can go shopping or a movie. I usually end up at a book store and get a cup of coffee and read a book for a long time. During this day I am alone, it’s great.

The important thing is that I don’t have to do anything for the boys or my husband for that day. He fixes them their meals and keeps up with them all day. He doesn’t lord this over my head either. He is perfectly willing to do this and that is what makes this day so special.


Janet Vanlandingham

Giving Yourself Gifts

Because of your instruction and inspirational ‘flywashes’ I started giving MYSELF gifts. I bought my own birthday gifts last year and loved doing it. It was so much fun to know what I was getting and that it was JUST what i wanted!!! I actually bought myself three books. I have a favorite author that I don’t tell many people about…I fell in love with Tolkien and his hobbits when I was 9. I have only met one other who enjoys him the way I do. School mates thought i was ‘nutty’. My dh thought it was silly, foolish. Work mates would sometimes actually know the story but not want to talk about it or if we started to, never went anywhere. For over 17 years of my marriage, I secretly hoped my husband would ‘bless’ me and get me some more Tolkien books. Well, he never did and I didn’t want him to see me getting them. Finally, after a year and a half of FLYLADY, [and over 17 years of mostly wedded bliss] I decided I adored Tolkien STILL and would just get them because I wanted them.I ordeded them in Jan or Feb, my birthday wouldn’t be until the end of March. I gave the Amazon box to my daughter and told her to wrap the contents and put tags on them to me from her and her older brother and her father. She thought I was absolutely nuts!!! I giggled and laughed and looked forward to my birthday more than I had in many a year! My husband still got me some things on his own. I had a ‘secret’ hobbit birthday and THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself. I still feel warm and wonderful at the memory of it. As a matter of fact, I used my xmas Barnes and Noble gift card this week to order my next batch of birthday gifts!!! I’m thinking once a year book & video buying is a WONDERFUL thing! I want to give and be generous to others all I can but if you have never splurged on yourself, ESPECIALLY those things everyone else in your life says are silly and frivolous, then you have not really lived. You will KNOW what finally loving YOURSELF REALLLLLY means when you dare to spend MONEY and TIME and enjoyable emotions on YOU! Books are common and may seem stuffy or boring or silly. But they speak to so many of us. I say, “Pamper yourself with new books” Purchase old favorites you haven’t read in years. Buy your favorite author’s latest. Dare to dive into long neglected subject matter. I bet you are smiling just at the THOUGHT of this. You will glow when you buy it. You will SHINE when you read it. The fire of enjoyment and enrichment will give you glowing warm embers for a very LONG time…I know I am still kindling!Thank you flylady and crew for caring about us and helping us learn how to care about ourselves.

“Spa Night”

Something we do to pamper the whole family is have “Spa Night”. Both my big kids love it, (DS 13, DD 9) as does my husband. The new baby (6 weeks) hasn’t had one yet!

All we do is go to the store (Target, Wal-Mart, whatever) and buy those $1 Facial packets in whatever type each of us wants or needs for our skin, and a hot oil treatment for everyone’s hair. Then we spend the evening giving each other facials, massages, and hot oil treatments. Everyone feels pampered, we get great photos of everyone with towels on their heads and green or pink goo on their faces, lots of laughs and family time together, all for a couple bucks.

Cinder in St. Louis


With 3 young children, 6-1/2, 5 and 3 next month, and single for almost 2 years now, I have missed one of my passions dearly. Reading. I make sure my children do their phonics programs at home (even though they attend school daily) and keep the shelves stocked with all kinds of children’s literature. I can’t even remember the last time “I” got to read a book of my own. So, after finding Flylady, getting some routines in place and having a few extra minutes to play with my youngest while his sisters are in school, I’m now left with LOTS of minutes for ME to READ my new mystery books that arrived Saturday, when he naps. By noontime, my morning routine AND my home-blessing with timer on Mondays, are already done now. At night, after my Flylady clingy reminds me to wash my face and my 5 year old daughter sets up my toothbrush before her bedtime (she is the self-appointed bedtime toothbrush prep person) I will don my facial mask and set up my foot spa after the kids retire to bed, a couple of nights a week. It’s been while since I’ve taken care of me beyond “make sure you get a dr’s appoitment for yourself too,” and boy, do I enjoy it!! Thanks to you, I’m pampered wonderfully!Finally Flying,

Flybaby in NYC

A Personal Mug

I bought myself 2 heart decorated mugs to drink my tea and to remind me to love myself.


Before I do dishes, I rub some oil or lotion into my hands and then don rubber gloves. The hot water and rubber help the oil penetrate and soften my hands so I end up with a shiny sink and soft hands! Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2022 FlyLady and Company, Inc.