Zone 1: Entrance, Front Porch, and Dining Room

This week our Zone is very important to our homes. The entrance to our homes make the first impression on our guests, our family and ourselves. When we walk into a clean and tidy home our whole attitude will be uplifted. This puts a smile of pride on our faces. We have gone so long, looking at such a terrible mess, that we have been ashamed to answer the door. I want you to get rid of guilt that accompanies clutter and CHAOS. To do this you have to get off your franny and start to declutter this area.

FlyBabies: Your task is to declutter this area. Spend 15 minutes a day this week doing something, anything, in these rooms. They did not get dirty in a week and they will not get clean in a week, but you will be making headway. It is a trend! Get in the habit of decluttering in small segments of time. Decide what time of day you are going to tackle this little job, set a timer for 15 minutes, and just do it.

If Zone 1 is already decluttered: (that means no more clutter — only the things you use and love!) Go on to the detailed cleaning list. You will be amazed at how easy it is to shine and sparkle these rooms when the clutter is gone!

Fly Spot

Dear Friends,

This week we are in Zone 1- The Entrance, Dining Room, and Front Porch. Our FLY Spot this week is in our Dining Room. Walk into your Dining Room. What is the first thing you see? What catches your eye first? Is it beautiful flowers on the table? Or a pile of newspapers stacked in a chair? Maybe a picture hanging on the wall that’s been there for 30 years? If what you saw first made you happy and brought a smile to your face, then your FLY Spot is easy! Take a minute to step back and enjoy your Dining Room and your smile. You’re done! If what you saw was clutter or something that didn’t make your heart smile, then take 5 minutes and make a difference. Declutter the “stuff” that is there, cut some flowers from the garden and add them to the table, or even remove that ugly picture from your wall. Whatever you do, make sure it is something to make you smile!

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