Zone 2: The Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our home.

FlyBabies: Focus on one little part — reclaim your kitchen sink. Empty everything out of your sink, shine it up, fill it with hot soapy water, and start washing dishes, one at a time.


  • Do a 27-Fling “Trash” Boogie. Trash is clutter. When the bag is full, take it outside, right away, to the trash bin.
  • Clear out your mail hotspot. Get rid of the old magazines, catalogs, and advertisements.
  • Clear the clutter off your counters one at a time.
  • Clear the clutter off your kitchen table.
  • Take a peek at your pantry. Don’t pull everything out and start reorganizing; just take a look, see what you need, and start a grocery list.

If your kitchen is clean but still cluttered: start decluttering. Check out our daily missions. FlyLady usually sends out one during the week which concentrates on decluttering one small area of your kitchen.

If your kitchen is decluttered: (that means no more clutter — only the things you use and love) Start the detailed cleaning list. You will be amazed at how quickly the shiny sparkle from the kitchen sink spreads throughout the entire kitchen when the clutter is gone!

FLY Spot

Welcome to Zone 2- The Kitchen. How often have you started cooking a nice dinner for your family only to realize you don’t have exactly what you need to be able to prepare your meal? From simple things like a sauce pan to the less common things such as a garlic press, it’s easy to miss some of the important kitchen tools we need. Our Fly Spot today is to take a quick glance through our cabinets and drawers and see what tools you are missing. Spend just a few minutes and make a wish list of the things you want/need! Have fun with this one! Helping women around the world get their home organized. Copyright 2001 - 2018 FlyLady and Company, Inc.