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Are You Living on an Adrenaline High?

Since Robert retired seven years ago; we have not set an alarm clock. This morning we were startled awake by his cell phone announcing that he had received a voice mail. My insides are still quivering as I start my morning essay.

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What About the Closets

My problem is in areas behind closed doors like closets and garages and attic spaces.

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I Want to Keep My New Home Uncluttered Help Me

I just moved into a new place and purged everything down to just the basics. I don’t want to get into the mess I just got out of so my question is, where do I start?

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Great Tip for a Clean Car

Over the next few weeks we are going to be using our cars to get the clutter out of our homes.

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Why is Decluttering so Important?

Everyday someone complains about having to get rid of things. They have the don’t wannas! Do you fall into this category too?

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Where do I DeClutter?

I have restarted the decluttering process, in a different home from when I first found you. I am decluttering some every day, taking baby steps and seeing some progress.

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May Habit #2 My Kids are Moving In May

My DSs, 11 and 7, spend too much time in front of electronics — too much screen time.

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Your Baglady Days are Numbered

If you have been having problems getting rid of your clutter, it could be because you have a disease known as the Bag Lady Syndrome.

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Clutter’s Isolation

It is a glorious morning that has been given to us. This is the day that I spend renewing my spirit.

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A Place for Everything

We want a home that hugs us! But where do we start?

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