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June Habit #11 Share With the Ones You Love

I just had to share my experience with the importance of drinking water:

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Final Touches

Sometimes when I sleep things come to me. Robert has a name for Him; the midnight editor. I like to think of them as God Breezes while the crew is resting. This morning I was awaken by today’s morning musing title: Final touches.

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I Want to Keep My New Home Uncluttered Help Me

I just moved into a new place and purged everything down to just the basics. I don’t want to get into the mess I just got out of so my question is, where do I start?

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Save Some Pie for You

We are all so busy doing for others that we don’t take the time to do for ourselves.

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One More Day of Hope

What happens when we don’t have hope in our lives?

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BabyStep Your Way to Routines

For several years I have been telling you that our new habits don’t form over night; that it takes time to establish your routines.

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Why Do We Have to Wear Shoes?

Why do we have such a hard time getting dressed to lace-up shoes?

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Commit To The Idea

The routines you promote are

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Working On My Faults

After many years I thought I was

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Shifted My Attitude

My husband has many good qualities, but

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