Today's Holiday Cruising Mission

Mission #7: Planning with Your Holiday Control Journal

Dear Friends,

Today is our Plan and Play day! This means that you take time out to work in your holiday planner and then to make sure you play today!

Even if you only take 15 minutes just for yourself, make sure you do it!

Today review a bit in your planner and start filling in a few more things. Have you decided whether you are traveling this year or staying home? Have you decided who you want to invite to your home or do you want this year to be immediate family only? You need to make some decisions and start to plan for this: If you are traveling then start to work on your travel dates and transportation. If you are inviting company to your home, start planning a guest list and how you will prepare to have them in your home. If you are staying home with no guests, start planning how you want to spend your time, church events, community events etc. Don't get carried away and spend 4 hours making every single decision today, just take care of some basic details.

Again, remember to take time out today to PLAY! This can be treating yourself to a bubble bath, going out for ice cream, reading a chapter in a book that you have been trying to finish; it doesn't matter what you do, just that you do something fun today!

Have fun!

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