Pamper Mission 01/20/13

Dear Friends,

This time of year just begs for a little time spent with a lovely warm cup of your favorite beverage. Whether it be hot apple cider, a specialty coffee, homemade hot chocolate, or our favorite, FlyLady’s Mocha Mix, please take a few moments to just sit, sip, and savor a few moments of peace and quiet during your pampering time this week.

Time spent pampering yourself is not time wasted. It is time invested in a worthwhile person. Even if you don’t feel you are worthwhile, ESPECIALLY if you don’t feel worthwhile, you NEED these pampering missions. These investments you make in yourself pay off in increased self esteem, increased confidence, and a general sense of happiness and well being that others will sense and respond to.

We think you are so worth it! In time, we hope that you will believe that too. (((Hugs))) to those who are having problems giving themselves permission to take time for themselves. Babysteps.



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