Camp Cooking Lessons

Hi FlyLady,

This year, DD (11 today), DS (5) and I are doing cooking classes at home. We checked out an Emeril cookbook, “There’s A Chef In My Soup,” from the library. DD LOVES it! She plans the menu for the week, complete with breakfast and lunch. We are enjoying our bonding time and it’s keeping the kids from getting bored.

Last summer, DD went to a one-week camp in the mornings. Every day, she learned about a different country. The kids didn’t know which country it would be until the morning of the class. They also had a type of food from that country. She enjoyed it so much that I wanted to try it at home this year. I ordered another Emeril book, “There’s A Chef In My World,” which has recipes from other countries. I plan to do some research on the countries he uses in the book, and make our own camp.

I purchased a weekly teacher’s planner from the dollar store and when DD gets up, we will plan our camp for this week, and I’m sure the next few weeks. I got out my Camp CJ from last year as well. I’m excited, and I know the kids will be as well. Thanks for coming up with this great idea! What a fun way to keep the boredom at bay!

FlyBaby Kathy in Northern CA


FlyLady here: What a great idea!

First, take your children to the library. (Now is a great time to get a library card and find out if there are summer activities at the library). These are usually free and can be a lot of fun.

Next, let your children look through cookbooks (both in the children’s section or in the adult section.) Also, you can look at activity books to get some great ideas for other fun this summer.

Check the books out and head home.

Once you get home let the kids look through the books. You can decide on a food budget and get the grocery store ads. Let the kids see what is on sale and then decide what they want to cook! They will be having fun and learning a
lot! Make your grocery list as you check to see what you have on hand. Then write your menus for the week on your calendar.

Now, be sure and post on your calendar the day you are suppose to return the books to the library! You don’t want to end up having to pay library fines!

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