Reusable Trash Bag

Dear FlyLady,

Hello, My name is Tracie. This is my first time sending you an email. The hardest habit for me to develop is remembering I have a Control Journal. I had gotten into the habit of making my bed but my DH work schedule changed and he started coming home when I was getting up and I got out of the habit. I’m working on the habit again. Got sheets in the washer right now.

The dishes are almost done. I have a small laundry basket that I put my “blessing others” items in. When it’s full I take it to the thrift store. I am also in the process of using stuff up. I counted my nail polish and I had about 70 bottles. So I cleared a space off my living room couch, made it my pampering spot and at least once a day I do my nails and put lotion on my legs and feet.

On a separate note I was wondering if you had come across anything like a reusable trash bag for bathroom trash cans. I have been using store shopping bags but because I’ve been using reusable shopping bags my stash has been getting low. I can’t afford to buy the small bags and I haven’t had much luck finding anything reusable.



Dear Tracie,

I don’t understand why you would want a reusable trash bag for the bathroom. Bathroom trash is not the most sanitary trash in your home. I just don’t think that is a good ideal. Don’t allow your perfectionism to get in the way of releasing trash.

But I will pass along what my grandmother used for her bathroom trash can. She used a small brown paper bag like the ones you put a lunch in. She would fold down the top about an inch and roll it down twice. As she emptied the trash each week she would dump that bag into the bigger trash bag and put that paper bag back into the bathroom trash can. So I guess you could call it reusable and free.

I also use one of those plastic bags we get at the store when we forget to take our purple shopping bags. This way once a week I just dump it in the big trash bag.

Other way to make a reusable trash bag is sew up the ends on an old dish towel into a cylinder. Then close up the bottom. Poof you will have reusable trash bag that is washable. Even if you don’t sew; you can use some of that iron on fusible hem tape to make this.

Now that I think about it, LOL our Declutter Kit is a set of reusable bags.

I love your idea of a pamper place on your couch. What a great way to use up your lotion and polish. Even though I would never be able to use up 70 bottles of polish. Sounds like some of them should go into the Give Away Bag for your local Women’s Shelter.

Declutter Kit: Give away, Put away and throw away! Is the best way to keep CHAOS away!

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