Completely FLYWashed

Dear FlyLady and Folks,

It’s Anti-Procrastination day…and I know exactly what I am going to be doing, because …I have been truly Flywashed! And I have come to realize FlyLady has an answer for just about anything!

Faced with so much to do, and I don’t know where to start, I get a boost in the right direction from FlyLady. Today, it’s going to be a paperwork project leftover from last week.

This is what’s happened: anytime I am fluttering around doing routines and/or procrastinating, I now just hear the voice of FlyLady answering back to my excuses.

From chore to task, I might think, “I just don’t feel like doing all those dishes” — and I’ll hear back “Just Shine Your Sink!”. So…I just do that and, well, it works!

Mountains of laundry pile up, and I’ll say to myself, “I’ll deal with laundry later,” and I hear, “One load at a time!”.

Or, the trash: I’m on my feet a lot, and get tired running around, so… “I’ll just put it down by the door” ….and what do I hear? “It’s only a few steps to take it out to the trash can!”

Facing “That Room”…”I don’t know where to start decluttering!”…”Set your timer, tackle a hot spot”–and so I do, even for 5 minutes.

“Declutter!” “Swish & Swipe!” “Take a step!” “Hit a Lick at a Snack” ….
There really is just no end to the POSITIVE RESPONSES that pop up to my hesitations…I have been thoroughly and completely FLYWASHED!

LOL in California,

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