Soapy Puddles into Purple Puddles

Dear FlyLady,

This may be a little late in coming but I just HAD to share. When we were working in the Kitchen Zone it was a crazy week and I just couldn’t seem to get a daily mission done during the week but I was determined to get them done somehow.

Saturday was the day but the girls wanted me to play so we decided I would alternate15 minutes on a mission and then 15 minutes with them and that way everyone got what they wanted. Anyway, I was working on the counter mission when my 3 yr old Dear Daughter (DD) came in and wanted to help so I gave her a sponge and told her she could do the cupboard doors since I was already working on the counters.

Then my 7 yr old DD came in and wanted to help too!!  So I got out another sponge and the little one worked on the cupboards below the counter and the big one worked on the cupboards above the counters.  Great right?  I was so happy we were cleaning as a family and I didn’t have to nag or even ASK!!  But that’s not even the BEST PART!!

Of course my DD’s had a bit of trouble keeping the water in the “tub” I provided them with and by the time they were done there was soapy puddles ALL OVER my kitchen floor.  Before FlyLady I would have gotten mad that they had just made yet another mess for me to clean up but learning to Fly I just smiled and reminded myself THEY are blessing ME by helping!  My 7 yr old DD (by herself) noticed all the puddles on the floor and said since the floor is already wet why don’t we just go ahead and scrub the floor as well?

MY HEART SWELLED WITH PRIDE!! When they “finished” their pant legs were soaking wet and the floor was streaky but I DIDN’T EVEN CARE!  (Because even housework done incorrectly still blesses your family right?) I was just so moved that they did this all on their own and lo and behold when it came to do Friday’s mission … it was already “done”.  So needless to say, their 15 minute session of playtime with me turned into a 30 minute session and I can’t remember the last time I had so much fun!

Eternally grateful!

A NY FlyBaby


FlyLady  here; When you make it fun it will get done! I am so proud of you and your daughters for finding the fun in the task! Just turn on some music and you can make any job fun. That is why we have music in our FlyShop.

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