No Crashing and Burning Here

Dear FlyLady and Crew,

I received my swish and swipe package today – WOW!!!  I found an unused vase to use for the rubba swisha.  I added some water and some of my husband’s body wash.  I carried that vase around and swished all five toilets in no time at all.  I also carried one of my newly washed purple rags for swiping.  Cleaning toilets should not be soooo much fun!

Here is the kicker –  there was a mystery substance on the hardwood floor behind one of my toilets.  It was on the floor when we purchased our home, and I have tried unsuccessfully for years to find something to remove it. While I was wiping the toilet down, I decided to try the purple rag.  The mystery substance came up with only water, a purple rag, and little bit of foot power!

I got so excited that I used another purple rag to wipe down the walls in my stairway, my laundry room cabinets, and laundry room door.  Dust, grime, and dirt came off so easily.   I had to tell myself to stop – no crashing and burning here!

I can’t wait to get started blessing my home using my purple (my favorite color) rags tomorrow!

Thanks for all you do!

Happy Purple Flybaby

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