Realized The Difference In Me

Dear FlyLady,Just a note to say Thank You for making my life so much easier and happier. I’ve been fluttering along for about two years and have shared your website with everyone who’ll listen.

I’m from Boston Ma… I own a horse farm in Virginia.  I get lots of guests. Always!  Anyhow, I’m in no way a BO but after following your missions, I’m cooking right along…. I can have guests anytime without freaking out.

This evening and this past weekend really brought this to light. The people who once owned our home years ago stopped by for a tour ( out of the blue!)  No Problem!!! I was happy and proud to show them around with no notice!!! This evening a neighbor with 3 very small children called and, due to their well breaking, had no water and asked if she could come bathe them here. I said ” Sure! No problem!!” Sometimes it takes a few things coming about like these to realize the difference you’ve made in my life.

Thank you thank you FlyLady you’ve set me free!!!!

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