Destroyed Mount Washmore

Weekly Home BlessingDear FlyLady,

Just had to let you know we’ve finished our first Home Blessing here in UK.

My DS 5, DD 7, and I used a suggestion that I saw on one of your messages a while ago. The kids and I both had great fun doing it and DS insisted I send you and e-mail to let you know what great cleaners we are!

In other FLY news, we’ve destroyed Mount Washmore finally today. I’m Swishing and Swiping two bathrooms every morning and following Morning and Evening routines. The clutter is slowly leaving our home bag by bag. There are clean surfaces and calm, ordered spaces for the family to be in.

I am so happy to have found your system and to have the relief of not feeling I am the only one who has difficulty with household management. My house was in complete CHAOS; no surfaces any where, and dirt as far as the eye could see. Cleaning was always a marathon of stress, shouting and frankly, bad behavior on my part due to the guilt and frustration I felt with myself for not being able to run a proper home for my family and myself like “real” people did.

As I’m doing my “rounds” I’m chanting “You need never see dirt again” and “Even house work done imperfectly still blesses my family” and occasionally “Nothing says love like a clean toilet bowl to throw up in” (!).

Thank you thank you thank you lots of love,

FlyBaby in Gloucester, UK

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