FLYing Through A Lice Outbreak

Dear FlyLady,
I just thought I’d write to let you know how your program has helped me through a lice outbreak.I’ve been following many of the principles of your program on and off again for a number of years. I certainly always have the habit of a shiny sink no matter what. I have not been as great about decluttering or doing my daily missions. I think that might change soon, however!

I have a four month old baby. Two months ago, at the end of the school year, we had a lice outbreak. While I managed to get things under control, I lost a tremendous amount of sleep and it pushed my postpartum depression into a tailspin.

I used an amazing product called LiceKiller (available at, which you might want to  investigate. It’s based on essential oils that dissolve the lice and also dissolve anything with an exoskeleton. Totally safe including on my baby. There’s  also a solution for the environment,  so I spray my pillows and any surfaces with fibers on a regular basis.It sure is easier to get to the closet to vacuum my carpets without a lot of clutter around!

Since then I have been following the habits of decluttering and cleaning. For a short period of time we’re having a cleaning lady, so that I can stay on top of the decluttering while she does the deep cleaning. I must say that it’s a lot easier to keep up habits on a weekly basis when on a daily basis I’m swishing and swiping and going to bed with a clean sink.

Well, because my DD was at camp, we got another outbreak of lice. This time, I felt more prepared, peaceful, and resolute about the process. Spraying and vacuuming our environment was less of a catastrophe. And since I had less clutter on the floors and less mental clutter, I could think strategically. First, I started the treatment on myself and then with the shower Around me, I washed towels so that we would have clean towels for our showers, then I did our bedsheets. Then I did laundry so that we would have clean clothes to put on through this treatment and three subsequent treatments.

Also, folding laundry at the machine, as I did today, reminded me that one load at a time is not a big deal. I intend to keep up this practice on a daily basis. I finally get it.

So thank you, thank you, thank you.

FlyBaby returning to her nest, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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