FlyLady Timer is a Great Addition

FlyLady TimerDear FlyLady,
I recently purchased a FlyLady timer after my dial kitchen timer fell and ticked its last tock! It did not take long after receiving your timer to realize its functional simplicity and versatility was tremendous. Its quick ease in setting, stopping, resetting, and pausing TIME…who wouldn’t want all of that!Because of this ease of use and flexibility in functions, I have extended its application beyond routines, missions, hotspots, etc., to other life tasks, such as brief computer clean-ups, not over-steaming my greens, and no longer having to “watch” for when water reaches its boiling point, and so on. I love that I can count-down seconds should I need to! I love that I can pause this timer so simply/quickly for an incoming phone call (or whatever!), come back to it and know I am able to begin again exactly where I left off time-wise. It is almost perfection in its functionality and use to me.

More simply put, I appreciate the wisdom that was used in choosing it for the FlyShop. It is making a difference in my life!

B, fluttering in NY

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