I Could Have Saved My Watch

Dear FlyLady (and FlyCrew),

Although I am STILL not flying yet, I wanted to share an experience I had earlier this morning, which illustrated the importance of vacuuming on a regular basis, and the “do-it-now” principle.

Several years ago, I purchased a nice women’s Mickey Mouse watch for myself from a well-known retailer.  The watch had a thin leather band.

The watch worked beautifully, but the band kept wearing thinner and thinner.  Finally, a few weeks ago, the watch dropped right off my wrist somewhere, but I had no idea where.

This morning, I happened to glance underneath my dining room table and there was my Mickey Mouse watch.

So, I’m grateful this experience taught me the importance of tackling my least favorite household chore (of vacuuming) on a regular basis.  It also taught me I could really save myself much anguish if I lived by the do-it-now principle.  I really need to make a better commitment to “flying.”

Happy Day

An Illinois Friend

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